Personalized Coaching

June 17 - July 24, 2019 (12 sessions); dates and times determined individually

Course Description
Student coaching is a cornerstone of the ATI program. Adolescents are at a critical stage of development in which personal coaching can play an extraordinarily important role in their success and development. We live in a world in which CEOs often have personal coaches – teens need them even more.

Our coaching process is usually Socratic in nature. Rather than directing the student, the coach uses the process of questioning to support the student in objectively contextualizing the challenges they are facing in order to learn to take action that meets their desired outcomes.

The goal of coaching is to support the student in problem solving with the ultimate hope that the student is able to utilize the skill of reflecting objectively on their challenges throughout their lives.

General and Academic Coaching:
You do not need a specific reason for signing up for coaching. Our coaches will help your student to identify areas in which they can strengthen themselves in order to be strong humans and students. For students who sign up for academic coaching, we will focus in on the skill set development necessary for high functioning in the area of chosen focus.

College and Post-Secondary Options Counseling:
ATI offers a unique and highly successful college counseling program. We support students in identifying the right college environment, with consideration of how it will serve as a launch pad for their own professional and personal fulfillment, as well as how to craft a personal narrative that will appeal to colleges. Our counselors have deep knowledge of both traditional and non-traditional college options and how best to prepare for diverse environments, including public universities, private liberal arts colleges, art, design, and film schools, and internships in startups.

Entrepreneurial and Project Based Coaching:
Coaching will help students define and evolve their projects so that they succeed. Our focus is on helping students define a realistic project scope and definition, how to organize time and materials, how to find the right networks and key influencers to have a real world impact, and how to brand and position oneself as an entrepreneur or creator as one successfully executes on a significant project.

Course Schedule
June 17 - July 24, 2019 (12 sessions); dates and times determined individually

Contact Hours
12 hours

  • $900/course for students who are currently not enrolled with any of the ATI school locations.
  • $600/course for current ATI students (enrolled in academic year 2019-20).
Min. and Max. Enrollment
Minimum: 1
Maximum: 1

Age: 12-19 years old

Your coach will be assigned after the registration process is complete, based on the selected coaching type and preferred times.
Read more about our instructors here.

Zoom or a similar platform (information will be provided after the registration is complete).

To register, please sign up below. A confirmation email will be sent to you. We will also reach out directly to enrolled attendees as we get closer to the start date.

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